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The Network's "Massive" Rally on St. Croix

While 500 people celebrated the announcement of the Governor deJongh – Lt. Gov Francis Campaign for re-election inside
Villa Morales the opposition: All 12 of them sit outside wailing and gnashing their teeth 

There is a new name for the band of idiots on 1620 AM – They have been dubbed the Criminal Network and the folks at the Criminal Network really have some nerves. When you dive into their reputation and their past, there is a lot of misconduct, and evil doings

You have to wonder sometimes how do they get the nerve to get on the radio and ridicule anyone, when just a simple search will turn up all kind nasty $%!# about them. 

Not to worry, that is our job at WhatDemManDontSay, because for too long these hypocrites have run their mouths telling their half truths and lies, and it is time that they all be depicted for what they truly are, liars and thieves, and even worse. We will be setting the record straight, and have no fear, we have a barrage of items on which to expose them. We are just getting started- this isn’t imitation, this is full onslaught of nothing but the truth. 

Fortunately, there is nothing we have to make up!!! 


Integrity in Our Public Service?!?!


Loud Mouth Radio Host Forgets 
She Was Charged With Fraud!!!

The nerve of some people. Every day Jamila Russell takes to the airwaves and shouts about the need for integrity in our public service. Who does she think she’s kidding. Did she forget that she was arrested for Licensing Fraud in the previous Administration. You gotta wonder where some of these people get their nerve. They would love to forget about their own past and reputation but here at WhatDemManDon’tSay we ain’t gonna let them

It’s time to shine the light on  the truth and there is plenty
more coming so stay tuned….

If you want to read the article Jamila would like us all to forget click below



Wow! What a surprise?

Norma Pickard Samuel is the new host of the Criminal Network 1620.

Whatdemmandontsay thinks Norma is perfect for the job!

She’s good at making up lies, spreading rumors, reinventing the past and has a bigger mouth than even Jamila Russell.

All the necessary qualifications for the Criminal Network Talk Show host!

We do have one recommendation for her though:

Instead of spending time on the radio, spend time with
your son who is in and out of trouble with the law.

You have the nerve to talk about criminals and the crime
rate in the Virgin Islands when you produced one?

Yes Norma, we know all about your son who stabbed another student at the Laurinburg Institute in North Carolina after being thrown out of damn near every school in the Virgin Islands and now out on bail for $100,000

What do you have to say about that? Can we call you and talk about that on the radio? Chickens always come home to roost!

Standard recommendation for pregnant women = Doctors advise that women who are pregnant should not drink alcohol or use drugs! 

Read the entire story here